Independent recommends BuddyPhones for home schooling

Posted by Egill Ivarsson

BuddyPhones School+ has received a lot of attention since its recent launch. When the schools started closing due to the current pandemic we saw the increasing need for headphones that can serve the young student in a way they deserve. 

With the shift to home schooling the use of headphones increased substantially per each day. This can cause worry because not all headphones have the volume limiting feature and the kids are being exposed to the noise a whole classroom can produce right inside their ear. On top of that they continue using their headphones after online learning to serve their everyday needs. Monitoring the time that your kids use headphones is a healthy practise in every case but with volume limiting you can rest more easy and the time of rest in-between exposure can be less.

Our solution to this new problem is the fantastic BuddyPhones School+ that has the volume capped at 85dl as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). To meet the demands of online learning we've fitted them with a high performance beam-mic capable of capturing ambient noises and eliminate them so that your child's voice is heard well by others. This makes it easier for your household if you're also working from home and worried that your work might reach your child's microphone and disturb its lecture.

The beauty of it is that you can then detach the mic and turn it into a pair of conventional headphones. Your children can therefore listen to their favourite music or video without having to worry about them turning the volume too high.